Our Story

Fresh out of college, we took a graduation trip to the tropical island of Hawaii, Oahu, where the sky and the sea met and the streets were abuzz with art. What a breath of fresh air.

You see, before this trip, we were slogging it out in business school while juggling part-time jobs, all of this just to graduate to an impending 9-to-5 rat race in the corporate world. We also had a passion for art that took a back seat as we were sprinting through our paper chase. But being at Oahu, inspiration hit and watching the sun set into the sea was nature’s biggest artwork being painted right in front of us. Pure bliss.

It was then when we realized that the other moments where we felt this bliss was when we were fully immersed in our art – crafting out beautiful landscapes on paper and expressing our creativity to the world. It was an amazing feeling, and we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy these pockets of bliss. The easiest way to do so? Through art supplies.

Bring everyone back to the fresh tropics of Oahu whenever they picked up a paintbrush or marker.

Affordable prices & Amazing quality

While coming up with our brand values, to ensure that even a student would be able to get their hands on Ohuhu art supplies easily, to ensure that more people will enjoy the highs in creating art, we keep our prices down low.

We understand how frustrating it is when you’re fully immersed in creating art, only to get interrupted by bleeding markers and dull colors. To avoid this, we invest heavily into research and development to ensure that quality would never be compromised.

So when you pick up our marker, paints or pens to create your next masterpiece, what comes out of your hands are vibrantly rich and highly pigmented colors that paint oh-so-smoothly on your canvas.

Actively listening to our community

“If you want to go far, go together”.

From the very beginning, we knew that a brand would be nothing without its customer community. And as Ohuhu hit its milestones of best-selling products, we never wanted to forget our roots and why we do what we do- to empower the budding artist, the student who loves to create and everyone else who just wants to paint up inspiration with quality art supplies.

Thus we put our community at the heart of everything that we do, and pursue customer feedback relentlessly. From reading reviews online, we are spurred on to continue developing art supplies through the kind words from our community. Conversely, every negative feedback we receive also gives us more opportunity to improve ourselves, and to make our product better from our community.

As you, our community, hones your craft, it allows us to hone ours as well. We’ve just celebrated 5 years of being a part of your artistic journey, and we’re just getting started.

Join our community today.

With this, we invite you to join our Ohuhu community. No strings attached, no membership fees involved, just people who find joy in creating art. Get invited to exclusive member-only invites, and have a safe space to share your passion with other like-minded artists. And of course, our community is a platform where we get to hear from you directly.