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"I had told myself that I can't draw"

For years and years, I had told myself that I can’t draw. The most that I had ever done for drawing was little doodles here and there. Once I actually started taking myself seriously as an artist, I tried several markers and mediums and struggled with most of them in one way or another until I started watching my favorite artist on YouTube. They were using Ohuhu markers and decided that they were the next market I had to try. My mom got me the 72 color set and I instantly fell in love with them! They inspired me and pushed me to think outside of what I thought I could do and I now own several different Ohuhu packs! I have been started drawing a series of pictures featuring an OC I designed shortly after getting my first ohuhu markers. I guess you could say that I always knew I was an artist but it wasn’t until I got my hands on a set of Ohuhu markers that I realized that I can draw way more and better than I ever thought.


"I immediately fell in love"

I first got Ohuhu markers back when they first launched. I got them as a gift for my birthday and I immediately fell in love. The ink was so beautiful and blended beautifully. Since then, I just began buying Ohuhu markers. I now have the 200 set and the 72 brush set. I’m waiting for those to dry out before I get the newest brush set but I’m so excited! I’ve never had a problem with this company and I plan to continue using this company’s markers for as long as I can! I am proud to say that I’ve been using these for almost 5 years and they’ve helped me so much on my art journey. Thank you! I’ll never forget this brand! 


"Ohuhu markers have changed the way I create art"

I got introduced to Ohuhu Markers back in early 2019. I saw a few Youtubers I love reviewing them and praising them so I figured I’d give them a go. After buying the double-sided chisel and fine tip markers I fell in love. First, it was the price tag. These markers are soooo affordable! And, I did have my doubts with the price because I didn’t know how good the quality would be, but boy was I proven wrong. They are such amazing quality! I absolutely LOVED using these markers. When I started using these markers, I had just started using markers as a tool of the trade, so I was new to the whole marker scene. I didn’t know what brand to buy and what was good, how to blend or any of that stuff. But when I got my first set of Ohuhu’s, wow! Did the game change! 

I now have the 120 brush tip Ohuhu’s along with 2 of the marker pads which are just to die for. I can really say that Ohuhu markers have changed the way I create art. I can not imagine where my art skills would have been if I did not find these markers. 

I recommend them to pretty much anyone in my life now who is looking to start using markers as a medium and our scared of other brands price tags. Ohuhu is affordable and the quality is just amazing.

Thank you Ohuhu for changing the way I create! You all have done more for me than you know!


"My desire to own Ohuhu grew bigger and bigger"

My first encounter with Ohuhu because of SuperRaeDizzle (the art YouTuber). I was following her for quite a while and she happened to introduce ohuhu markers as her most favourite alcohol markers to use! And there it happened, my desire to own Ohuhu grew bigger and bigger. I began following Ohuhu’s Instagram and investigating on the color scheme and the size of the pack that I should invest it. In that period I saw Ohuhu making appearances in other people art supplies such as DrawingWiffWaffles and Lucid Neema. Ohuhu seemed so attractive in terms of price and color palette. I gathered up my courage and money and purchased a pack of 40 chisel and bullet markers two summers ago on amazon (summer 2019). It took only a few days for them to arrive at my door and I was so excited to finally try them out! The first drawing I made from these markers was Deku from My Hero Academia and I was experimenting on how I could blend in the colors and use them properly. I brought them to school to show them to my friend and brag about the colors that I had ! I was very happy to own them and the quality was amazing. Up until today I am still able to use them without any problem and the pigment is still as vibrant 🙂 Moreover, I felt that enough colors were provided to make a good drawing with a few colors. The bullet nib was really useful in getting into small corners and the chisel tip covered large areas really quickly. I also ended winning a pack of 48 brush nib alcohol markers from completing a survey last summer. Using the brush nib has been amazing as well! I takes a bit less time for blending but allows to draw with more flexibility. I still remain very impressed with their quality, packaging and affordable pricing.  I will definitely invest into the 120 pack when I have enough money to invest for it! 


"I color as a form of meditation"

I started using ohuhu markers as they were recommended by my sisters stepdaughter. I have mental health issues so I color as a form of meditation. However; when I found ohuhu I will likely never go back. I love the blendability. Your markers have helped me immensely and for this thank you ohuhu for an amazing product. For reference I own almost 300 of the alcohol markers as well as the 48 colored pencils. I’m planning on purchasing the water-based and gel pens next. Again thank you.


"This is where I discovered the adult version of markers"

Art has always been a part of my life but I rediscovered my love for it near the end of 2017. This is where I discovered the adult version of markers. I saw many interesting artists vouch for a few brands which piqued my interest. After some time of exploring and learning about alcohol markers, I found Ohuhu was the best fit for my needs. They were inexpensive and had many positive reviews for someone like myself to begin a new art journey. I purchased my first set of the original Ohuhu markers in March 2018! I remember making an unboxing video and couldn’t contain my excitement. They ended up being everything I heard about; a variety of colors and full juicy ink. I made many anime-style portraits and characters in the beginning. But now I feel like I can do anything with them. It’s taken a long trial and error stage to find my niche. Fast forward to now, 2021, and I’m still in love with these markers. I passed down my old set to my nieces, for they were inspired to take up the hobby too. I now own a few themed sets with the brush nibs and I can’t wait to add more to my growing collection. They will forever be my go-to marker sets that I hold dear among my varied mediums I now own. Just a great medium while doodling ideas in my sketchbook, making it look professional, bright and bold!


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