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Best Valentine’s Day Recipes | Valentine Favors & Easy Ohuhu Marker Blending Tutorial

Crafting candy-filled treats is a fun way to show someone special that you care this Valentine’s Day! These projects are fun to make for children for classroom valentine exchanges too!


  • Ohuhu 200 count marker set
  • Ohuhu Metallic pen set
  • Small boxed candy such  Lollipops
  • Origami paper (or wrapping paper)
  •  Cardstock (white)
  • Stamps in Sushi or Gnome theme or draw your own design with an alcohol marker safe fineliner.
  • Stamp Ink (Memento)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue/Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch

In today’s tutorial, I am going to show you some easy blending techniques for alcohol markers while we decorate sweet valentine treats to share. I’ll be using the new 200 count marker set from Ohuhu. This set brings you an enormous range of color, including the coveted pale shades, so you will be able to blend with ease! I will provide color recipes for each project so you can see the colors I used.

The directions for coloring and blending are simple:

Fill the area with your palest shade, I recommend using the chisel tip as it will lay down more ink and saturate the cardstock.

Add the shadow with your darkest color.

Blend over that with your mid color

Blend out to light with your palest color that you started with.

If you want a darker color you can go back in with the dark. Since the area is wet it should blend out naturally.

I find this method to be a foolproof way to blend and is really effective for rubber stamping and coloring on cardstock.

Directions for Sushi Candy Box

*I used rubber stamps from Sizzix and Lawn Fawn for this project.

Stamp (or draw) sushi on white cardstock.

Color stamped images as described above using the blending guide above as reference.

Cut out shapes and set aside.

Wrap candy box in origami paper neatly and secure with tape.

Glue sushi pieces and  sentiment on box.

This next project is a fun way to present a lollipop and the holder can be kept as a bookmark.

Directions for Gnome Lollipop Tag

Using a variety of stamps create your design on a tag shaped piece of white cardstock. *You can have any animal or character you like holding the lollipop but I thought a gnome was cute! Feel free to draw if you don’t have stamps.

Color the image using the method shown above. *I used the white Ohuhu metallic pen to make the bubbles stand out on my design.

Punch 2 holes for the lollipop to thread through. Insert lollipop holes.

Cover the back of the tag with pattern paper to cover marker bleed-through and lollipop holes.

Punch a hole at the top of the tag and add ribbon…

The blending technique I shared today will work with virtually anything you want to color. To make blending easier work with colors that are close in shade. Having a large set of markers to pick from, like the new 200 set from Ohuhu, makes blending a breeze! I hope you enjoy crafting some sweet treats this Valentine’s day!

Happy Crafting!


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