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Winners' artwork


$500 USD

From this drawing, we can feel that the painter deeply understands our brand. We encourage everyone to actively explore the world of painting and, by exploring drawing, find a path to healing. One of the most significant features of Ohuhu products is that our colors are very rich. "When he takes a break from his adventure, he spends his time recreating the colors that he has found out." is how the artist explained his/her painting. In addition, the concept of the chameleon is really eye-catching and impressive. The speckled colors on its body are well-matched and make it seem like he has just experienced an adventure, and the large eyes also highlight our pursuit of pure bliss.

It fits very well with our brand image, which focuses on exploration and purity.


$300 USD

There are really a lot of details in this drawing. Her skirt contains many marine plants. Her ability to heal and calm people's stress and pain is particularly appealing. The elaborate mermaid ring makes us feel like her magic seems real. This piece of work also received the most votes in the competition!


$100 USD

Mia appears to be a healthy, adaptable, intelligent, and creative girl. Her dress, skin tone, and hairstyle are all perfect matches, and she knows what's the right style for her.
A Band-Aid is put on her leg; where does she go for adventure? What will inspire your next piece of art?
This painting outlines the details and characteristics of the characters incredibly well. It's truly suitable to express our emphasis on exploring and enjoying simple things through an image of a child.

Design Description

  • Design an Ohuhu Character. To learn more about Ohuhu, you may read “About Us”.
  • Be an original work of art in any of the following formats: drawing, painting, digital, or mixed media.
  • Uploaded to the Gallery as either a .jpg or .png.
  • Minimum resolution no lower than 500 x 500 pixels
  • Maximum file size of 30MB.
  • Features no copyrighted material
  • Does not include threatening, offensive, or abusive material.

If you have any questions about the contest rules or requirements, please contact us at

Activity Introduction

It's Ohuhu's 6th Anniversary! Tell us, what is the image of Ohuhu in your mind? A human? a (fantasy) animal, a robot? If you were to transform Ohuhu itself into a character, what would that look like?

That is what we want to know! Ohuhu is running a character design contest and giving out three prizes and a bonus gift for your Ohuhu character creation!


credit, @jonajpeg


June 6-20th
June 21-27th
June 30th


Judging Criteria

Eligible entries will be judged by all Ohuhu Team Members (collectively “Judges”).
Eric — Chief Marketing Officer
Alex — Brand Director
Eileen — Marketing Strategist
Jason — Product Manager
Sandrene — Senior Marketing Specialist
Monica — Marketing Specialist
Liand — Marketing Specialist
Jerry — Creative Director
Eligible entries will be judged on the following criteria.
  • Relation to the theme.
  • Creativity and originality
  • Execution
  • Votes
  • Overall impression


Prize Award
All potential Winners will be contacted through the email address provided by Eligible Participants by our official email ( The failure to respond in a timely manner to the notification shall result in forfeiture of the Prize. No transfer of any Prize.

Publicity Release
Participation in the contest constitutes permission for Ohuhu to use (including the reproduction, modification, distribution and public display), without notice or further compensation, submitted work worldwide any eligible participants submitted artwork, photo, likeness, biographical information, or voice for any and all media purposes, including and without limitation to advertising and promotional purposes in connection with the Ohuhu Website Character Creation Contest. Eligible participants hereby release the Contest Entities from any liability and will respect the aforementioned public release.

Ohuhu reserves the right to definitive interpretation of this contest.