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Painted Pumpkins: This Project is So Much Fun to do with Your Family!

You can use real pumpkins or faux pumpkins if you want to display them year after year. I used carvable foam pumpkins from the dollar store. These can be displayed inside or outside and will last for years! If you are using real pumpkins bring them inside so they can warm up to room temperature for a few hours before painting. They will last longer if you don’t cut into them and hollow them out.


  1. Pumpkins (real or Styrofoam)
  2. Ohuhu Acrylic Paint
  3. Paint Brushes
  4. Palette
  5. Cover to protect work surface from paint
  6. Toothpicks, orange & black felt, wine corks
  7. Fabric glue or Tacky glue
  8. Optional: Regular or metallic paint pens for details

The first thing you want to do is protect your work surface. I save bubble wrap to use for this as it makes an excellent non-stick drying surface too! Apply 2 coats of acrylic paint to each pumpkin allowing time to dry between coats. I used Emerald Green for the Frankenstein’s Monster pumpkin, Chinese White for the Jack Skellington pumpkin and Lamp Black for the vintage cat pumpkin. *Parents, you might want to do this step ahead of time if crafting with young children.

While your pumpkins are drying you can prepare the accessories for your pumpkins! For the Frankenstein’s Monster pumpkin you will need 2 wine corks and 2 toothpicks. Use an awl or needle tool to poke a hole in the center of each cork and insert a toothpick then paint the wine corks grey or silver. Let dry and apply another coat for good coverage.

To make the ears for the black cat pumpkin cut 2 large triangles from black felt and 2 smaller triangles from orange fabric. Use fabric glue to attach the orange felt to the black as shown in the photo, making sure to hide a toothpick between the layers of felt. Set aside to dry.

To paint the Jack Skellington pumpkin you will need Ohuhu black paint and a small round paintbrush as well as a medium-size flat brush. Draw on the mouth and nose with the small round brush, then outline the eyes and paint the eyebrows. Fill in the eye areas with black paint and the medium flat brush. Refer to the photo for feature placement.

To make the vintage black cat you will need Ohuhu white and orange paint and the same brushes as before. With white paint and a small round brush draw the nose, outline the mouth and paint the teeth, draw the eye outlines and whiskers. Fill in the mouth with orange paint and paint orange around the eyes as shown in the photo. Clean up any overpainting with black paint if needed. If you need to touch up the white outlines wait until everything has dried and you can do so. If you want it to look extra snazzy you can use the metallic paint pen on the whiskers! Insert the ear pics at the top of the head as shown in the photo and it’s done!

For the Frankenstein’s Monster pumpkin start by making a horizontal line across the top of the face and draw 2 semi-circles underneath for eyes using Ohuhu black paint and a small round brush. Then draw a curve for the nose, a wiggly line for a mouth and a few sets of stitches. Then fill in the whites of the eyes with white and add tiny red squiggles to make them look bloodshot. I made the irises purple and added in some purple metallic pent to make them spooky. You can paint a highlight in the eye with white if desired. Paint messy black hair over the top and sides of the pumpkin and let dry. Then insert the painted wine corks on each side of the head so they look like bolts and Frankie is complete!

This project was super fun to make and it is a great project to do with your kids! When working with children be sure to be patient with them. You might want to basecoat the pumpkins ahead of time so kids don’t have to wait around for that first coat to dry. Or you could paint them white and let the kids color the pumpkins as they wish. Children too small to carve pumpkins can have just as much fun painting them and I fondly recall painting pumpkins as a child and painting them with my children. Don’t worry about the mess, make memories and have fun and happy Halloween!



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