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Order the Present, Design the Future | October Bullet Journal Spread

Bullet journaling is a popular method of planning and organizing your life. You can be as plain or as decorative as you like in your bullet journal and best of all you can use any notebook or sketchbook you have. Today I will show you how to create a basic list-style calendar spread and “bucket list” so you can have a month at a glance. Feel free to adapt this design to meet your needs! You do not have to have all of the supplies I list, but here is that I used.

You will need:

  1. Pencil, eraser, and ruler
  2. Ohuhu Real Brush Pens (for easy calligraphy and coloring)
  3. Ohuhu Dual Tip Brush Pens (for writing and stamping)
  4. (Optional) Small rubber stamps or other items such as washi tape you can decorate with.

The first thing that you want to do is draw your basic layout. I am using a 5.5″x8.5″(14×20 cm) sketchbook for my journal. I drew a line about 1″ from the top of the page for my title and then made lines under that 1/4″apart. I continued the numbered calendar lines on the second page of the spread and with the remaining space, I made a 2 column list with space above and below it for decoration. I also wrote out my titles with a large loopy cursive to act as a guideline for my brush lettering. Since the month is October I drew pumpkins where the letter O would go.

I used a gray Ohuhu fineliner to draw over the calender lines and then I numbered the days with a black fineliner. I used the Ohuhu real brush watercolor pens to create the brush lettering because it is easy to create beautiful lines with those pens. If you are a skilled brush letterer you can do this with the brush end of the dual-tipped fineliner/brush pens but I have a much easier time using the real brush pens for this. It is also easier to color and shade the hand-drawn pumpkins with the real brush pens. I outlined my brush letting with a black fineliner and drew faces on my pumpkins to turn them into jack-o-lanterns! Then I used the brush end of my dual brush pens to ink up small pumpkin and berry rubber stamps and stamped them under the lists on the right-hand side of the spread for decoration. To use your markers as an inkpad simply color the rubber area with your marker and stamp it on the paper. You can use several colors on one stamp this way. This is one of my favorite techniques with dual brush pens! If you don’t have stamps you can freehand designs with the pens or use washi tape.

Make sure all of the ink has had enough time to dry and erase all of your pencil lines.

Here is the finished bullet journal spread ready for me to plan my month! Keep your canister of Ohuhu dual-tip markers near your journal so you can add events whenever you like. It’s so convenient to have a fineliner and a brush pen in one marker and they even come with a couple of spare nibs in case any get damaged.

To make the bullet journal key layout I placed a post-it note in the center of a blank page and wrote the word “key” with the Ohuhu real brush pen and drew a thick border around the post-it note. Then I used my Ohuhu dual tip brush markers to ink up some key rubber stamps and stamped keys over the page. Then I removed the post-it note and wrote my key code in with the fineliner end of the dual brush pens.

It’s nice to make a cover page for each new month, for October I drew a large maple leaf and colored it with Ohuhu real brush pens. I also wrote the title with the real brush pens and accented it with the fineliner end on the dual brush pens.

You can also track goals (or your mood) in your bullet journal. Since I am participating in the Inktober drawing challenge this year I drew a plant with 31 leaves and I will color in a leaf each day I complete the challenge! This can help you complete any goal you like!

I love how this method of planning can be customized to anybody’s lifestyle and creativity level. It was fun to create decorative pages and it inspires me to use it because it’s fun and pretty! These journals can even serve as keepsakes, like scrapbooks, and would be fun to look back on years later so you might even want to print out a couple of special photos from the month and paste them in the book too. You can do whatever you like in your journal.

Thank you for visiting the blog and have a creative day!

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