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How to Draw Layered Green Colors and Make Your Colors Look Beautiful and Expressive!

In nature, the depth and variety of colors are virtually unlimited. In the way that humans see through their eyes, colors can change all the time based on environmental conditions such as sunlight, distance, or the physical makeup of an object. While we might have trouble in capturing the true colors that we see around us, our desire is much stronger to try and capture the world around by the way of art, painting, markers and more. Using markers especially can be difficult to capture the true colors in our environment, but there are techniques for making our drawings more realistic: 1.Draw with the marker from left to right, going from hard pressure to soft, and quickly pick up the marker to create a brush-like effect. If you leave space between the strokes, you can use similarly colored markers to create gradations in your artwork.
2. It’s usually best to create all your brush strokes with one color, then go back over the picture with the next color, especially in large areas. By layering strokes, you will begin to create a nice blending effect. Due to overlapping brush strokes, it’s generally best to draw a painting with one color first in large areas. The repeatedly overlapping brush strokes will finally make them look unified.
Combine brush strokes for the best effects when drawing leaves and flowers, and also when drawing on rough matte material, such as watercolor paper. With this kind of brush stroke, you don't have to only move the marker in one direction.
3. Sometimes blending too many colors can look messy and muddy. If you are producing intricate strokes with the markers, they will show up best if you use fewer colors. You should also make sure to use “moderate” colors to keep an overall tone concept. 4. Make criss-cross strokes (also known as cross-hatching) and combine long and short strokes using a variety of colors to pull out light and dark areas of a picture. This technique works well when you draw plants and vegetation.
With good lighting, you can see that this island picture was made to look very realistic thanks to accurate lighting and shading work. If you choose your colors well and apply the techniques outlined above, you can also create amazing pictures!

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Art by, Halalela

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