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Easy Homemade Gift Box Tutorial | DIY Gift Boxes Out of Cardstock with Ohuhu Pastel Markers

In this tutorial we are going to build a gift box out of cardstock. I went with a winter hot chocolate theme but you can use this box to hold whatever you like, just adjust the measurements according to your needs. I think this would be a lovely way to package handmade stationary or jewelry.

  • Cardstock in white, lavender, mint green, pastel blue and pastel pink
  • Stamping ink in black and turquoise
  • Stamp (House Mouse Designs: Marshmallow Bounce)
  • Ohuhu Pastel Alcohol Brush Markers
  • Ribbon
  • Double sided tape
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scoring Board
  • Snowflake punch or die-cut (optional)
  • Rhinestones (optional)

Please watch the video tutorial for a step-by-step demonstration of all techniques! Written Directions are below.

Part 1: Stamp the main image and color with Ohuhu pastel markers

Stamp the main image you plan to color with Ohuhu Markers with black Memento ink. Memento ink will not smudge when alcohol markers are used to color the image. The tones in the 48 pastel brush marker set are perfect for this soft winter theme.

When you color the marshmallows start by coloring the center of the markers with a clear blender, this will make it possible to blend to white. Then add a pale color to the edge of the marshmallow and flick it in toward the middle. The clear ink in the center will lighten the marker ink and give you a soft fade to white. Repeat with other pale colors for the remaining marshmallows.

When coloring the mice, first color the fur with a light grey or light brown and then add a slightly darker grey or brown to the edges and then blend where the colors meet using the lighter color to blend. Use a variety of pale peaches and pinks for the face, ears and feet.

For the tin, color everything but the words with Lavender Mist, then add the darkest grey to the edges of the tin. For the lid use a light grey to color the lid except for a highlight in the middle and then add dark grey at the edges. Color the letters with contrasting colors.

Part 2: Let’s make the box!

1.First determine the width and depth of your box. You will make a box as well as a wrap around cover that will have a little overhang so it looks like a book when closed. I needed to make a 5”x5”x2” box to hold cocoa packets, candy canes and marshmallows.

2. To make the inner box that is 5”x5”x2” you will need a 9”x9” square of cardstock. Score 2” from each side of the square and snip one score line at each corner to make tabs for gluing. Fold up the sides and glue to the inside of the box.

3. The cover should hang over about ¼” on all sides so for my box I used a 5 ½” wide strip of cardstock that was 12 ½” long. You can adhere 2 sheets of cardstock together if you don’t have one that is long enough. I like to overlap the cardstock to make it stronger.

4. For added strength, cover the top, sides and bottom of the box with pink cardstock. *Before gluing on the pink cardstock to the top add a 9” long piece of ribbon to the lid.

5. Glue the box inside the cover while sandwiching another 9” long piece of ribbon between the box and the bottom cover.

6. Decorate the box with your stamped image matted on mint green cardstock and some die cut snowflakes. Add any other embellishments you like.

7.Fill the box with goodies and tie the ribbon in a bow to close.

Think of all of the wonderful ways you can adapt this design to fit your needs. I hope you enjoyed this project and happy coloring!

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