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Drawing & Coloring a Christmas Pinecone with Ohuhu Brush Markers!

Today we will draw and color a picture with a Christmas Pinecone, evergreen tassel, holly leaves and berries. These step by step layering techniques will guide you in beautiful blending and coloring.



  • Ohuhu Marker Paper (Not Available Yet)
  • Alcohol Markers from the Ohuhu 72 set and Sink Tone set in the following colors: R1, R2, R8, G5, GY8, BG1, YR4, Y12, Y13, BR208, R26, R28, GY163
  • Graphite pencil or erasable colored pencil
  • Optional: Black fine liner, White gel pen, colored pencils

To begin drawing my picture I started with the largest element, the pinecone. I drew an oval and then drew lines to represent where the scales would fall.

Then I drew the individual scales and added on holly berries and leaves as well as pine needles to go with the pine cone to make a pretty motif. I used erasable colored pencils because they will disappear once I begin adding the markers. You can use a regular pencil as well, just keep your lines light. *Note, It’s totally fine to color over a light-colored pencil outline drawing with alcohol-based markers, however, you don’t want to work over heavily applied colored pencils because the waxes from the pencils can clog the marker nib.

Starting with your lightest colors we will apply a base layer to the picture. Use the photo below for a reference. Apply YR4 to the pinecone as shown, Apply BR08 to the berries, GY163 to the holly leaves and ends of the needles and GY8 to the base of the pine needles.

Now we will layer shades of color that are a bit darker. Apply Y12 to the shadows in the Christmas pinecone, R1 to the edges of the berries and GY8 to the darker areas of the holly leaves.


Let’s deepen the shadows by adding darker colors! Use Y13 from the Ohuhu 72 brush marker set for the deep shadows on the pinecone and the dot on the berries. Add BG1 to the darkest areas of the holly leaves. Apply G5 to the pine needles to represent the blue undertones. Then add R2 to the edges of the berries. If you want to blend out any of these colors you can do so using the lighter colors in the previous step.

Add R8 to the edges of the berries for the darkest shadows. Add R28 and R26 to capture the plum undertones of the pinecone scales if desired.

You can call the drawing done this point but if you want to push it a bit with other media you can. If you have any fuzzy or undefined lines you can outline the main elements with a fine black pen. I used 02 fineliner. You can also add highlights with a white gel pen.

You can gently adjust color, deepen shadows or brighten highlights with colored pencils if you wish. I toned down the white gel pen highlights with a light green colored pencil.


  • If your transitions look too hard to use the lighter shades from previous layers to blend them out.
  • If you markers have brush tips, use them! You can press harder for more ink and a thicker line and use less pressure for fine, wispy strokes with less ink.
  • For stubborn colors that don’t blend easily use the chisel end. It will force problem colors together without depositing too much ink or wearing the tip.
  • If you color outside of the lines you can use the chisel end of the clear marker to “push” the ink back where it belongs.
  • If you lack a color you want you can add colored pencils in your last layer to adjust the tones.
  • Don’t be afraid to have fun and experiment!

I hope you enjoyed this project and you try it for yourself. The best way to improve your drawing and coloring skills is to practice. Grab your markers and give it a try!

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  1. That’s so pretty!!! I love how the colors work together.

  2. This would be great for cmas cards.

  3. Getting into the Christmas spirit.

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