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Christmas stick figures, Candy Canes Bouquet Tutorial with Ohuhu Markers, Art for Kids

Today we’re going to be drawing a candy cane bouquet. Grab your markers and let’s get started.


The first step is to sketch everything out, starting with the ribbon. Begin with the center of the bow by drawing a flat oval shape, then add in the sides and tails. I then drew in the candy canes, layering them up behind the bow and varying the placement of each cane. I added in the stripes on each cane and then drew a few sprigs into the background, simply drawing a few lines and small circles.

The next step is to line the sketch. Trace over all the pencil lines with the fine liner. As an added step for extra dimension, I bulked up all the outside lines. Once finished, I erased the pencil sketch.

To start the coloring, I like to lay down a flat layer of my lightest color. With the candy canes, I began with red number 12 and colored all the red stripes in. Next, I added in the mid-tone, 15, and placed shadows at the edge of the candy cane stripes and where the canes overlapped each other. I then added a little purple, 83, into the shadows to darken them at the edges. The final step was to blend everything together with the lighter red and the red sections were complete.

I followed a similar process for the white sections. Starting with the lighter grey, WG0.5 and laying down some flat color at the edges of the canes, this time leaving the center of the stripes white, and then adding in shadows with the darker grey, WG1. I then blended everything together with the lighter grey once more.

I repeated the same process with the ribbon, using a light teal, 57 and the 89 for the shadows.

I also added the light teal into the sprigs in the background, tracing the lines and coloring in the circles.

As a final step, I used a white paint pen to add a few highlights along the center of the candy canes. This is a fun and easy project and would make a lovely holiday card.

Below are a few more holiday-themed ideas. 

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