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5 Tips on using Ohuhu watercolor markers | Let’s draw at HOME.

Watercolor markers may seem like a difficult medium to use for many, but after this post, you’ll see than they are not that complicated and pretty accessible for every artist. Let’s go!

1) Swatch, mix and explore. In other words, get to know your markers. This part might be long but is at the same time really fun and relaxing. If you are new to using Ohuhu watercolor markers, this step is necessary before starting your first drawing. You are going to find out how your colors look like, how they react with water, how they mix together and blend ….. This is also the perfect time to build some color palettes that could inspire yours for future drawings or even tiny doodles. 

2) Use your Ohuhu Markers with water. Since these markers are really pigmented, you can totally use them as they are. But not only. And this is the reason why they are called Watercolor markers. You can combine them with water to get an amazing watercolor effect. Every artist has his own techniques on working with these I’m however only going to share with you the main methods I personally use. The first one consists to apply your marker on the area you want to color then directly mix it with water using a wet brush. This technique will allow you to lighten your colors, blend, mix them and of course, get the wanted watercolor effect. Any brush can be used for this however I would definitely recommend you water brushes like the one in the set. These are so convenient to use especially when traveling

The second method is to use your Ohuhu markers like watercolor. But this time, literally. All you have to do is to apply some of your marker’s ink on a palette or a piece of plastic, add water drop by drop, then you can just use it like paint with again, a paintbrush. I generally like to do this when I have to add lighter touches to my art piece or when I want to be able to dose the pigmentation of my colors.

3) Work layer by layer and be patient. Working by layers is something you should do with all types of art supplies. It allows you to have a smooth and detailed final result. But you should know then when working with watercolor paint, pencils or in this case markers you have to be extremely patient and wait for your first layer to dry completely before adding the next ones or else your colors will smudge and that is not what you want . Go from lighter tones to darker shades and after long minutes and effort, your drawing will look amazing!

Bonus tip: If you happen to add more water than you first wanted to on your paper, don’t worry. Use some paper towels to absorb the excess water and that’s it.

4) Use the right paper. You have to know that every supply, every medium has a compatible surface so they can be used as their best. Here, watercolor paper (generally 300g/m^2) is the best surface for your Ohuhu markers. It will allow you to work by layers, use water and of course get your watercolor effect. The paper pad you’ll find in your set is really great and works fantastically with the markers.

5) Use only one marker to make beautiful monochromatic art. Unbelievable but true, you can use a single marker to build many shades and make a whole drawing with only ONE color. You’ll see, this is really fun and challenging. This drawing is a combination of all the different techniques mentioned and Is a good exercise to practice with your markers. All you have to do is take a piece of watercolor paper, choose one color from your Ohuhu markers, the one you want, and then you can start with the first layer. This layer should be the lightest. If you want to, feel free to make some swatches beforehand to have an idea about how many shades you will be able to develop with your color. Once you’re done with building your multiple layers, finish your drawing by adding small details with the end of your marker’s nib. Your monochromatic drawing is now done!

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