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5 Art Challenges to Do While Staying at Home

Facing art blocks is not that simple, especially when we have to stay at home and we don’t have much to do anymore.

That’s why we decided to share with you a few challenges to hopefully motivate and inspire you to draw again.

You may have already seen these challenges on the internet during the past years and if you have never tried one of them before, today is a good day to experiment with something new. And believe me, you’ll have a lot of fun!

For all these challenges I used either the Ohuhu Alcohol markers or Ohuhu Watercolor markers however you can use any art tools you want.

Let’s get started!

1) The 3 Markers challenge

Drawing with a limited amount of colors is more complicated than we think, but it’s not impossible. And this is all that this challenge is about, drawing with ONLY 3 colors.

This challenge is amazing training for working with only a few supplies but not only, it also allows you to practice different techniques like blending and layering. You might already know it but layering is the key to a nice artwork.

All you need to do for this challenge is firstly to start sketching your drawing on a sheet of paper, (you can choose to ink or not your Illustration regarding your personal preferences ), once it’s done,  put your markers in a container, shake it a little bit and then blindly select your three colors.

Most of the time you colors will be completely different from what you wanted for your drawing: and that is where the fun part begins!

I here decided to start with a lighthouse illustration, something quite simple. Once I was done it was finally time to discover the colors I will have to work with. And I was not disappointed. The colors were as I mentioned before absolutely different from what I initially imagined for the final result of my drawing.

Since the blue I had to use was a dark color I decided to change my first idea and go with something more abstract so the drawing would be more pleasant to look at. 

You can do this challenge as much as you like the possibilities are endless.

And If you want to make things a bit more complicated, follow the same process but now with only 1 single color.

I used the Ohuhu watercolor markers to make the second illustration, I love the way the pigmentation of your color change depending on the amount of water you will be using. And this is perfect for a challenge like this one.

2) Drawing with the opposite hand

Have you ever tried to use your opposite hand for basic tasks like writing or coloring?

Except if you’re ambidextrous, using your opposite hand ( in this case my left hand ) in everyday situations requires more effort than usual.

And it’s the same thing with drawing and coloring.  You have to be extremely focused, take more time than what would have been necessary while working with the other hand, make sure your hand doesn’t shake too much, and finally be careful not to use the right hand ( It knows it can be very tempting sometimes ).

At the end both drawings will have a lot of differences, especially when it comes to smaller details, the line art will be less neat on the drawing made with the left hand (since I’m right-handed), the same thing with the blending, the layering, the time it took and all the drawing in general.

For this rose illustration, I used the same colors from my Ohuhu alcohol markers set on both sides.

In the end, I thought it was really fun to compare both sides and I would love to do it again with more complicated drawings.

3) 1 min, 10 min, and 1-hour Challenge

I don’t know about you but I personally consider myself a slow drawer. I like to take my time when working on a drawing, painting, or any kind of art piece.

So having to set up a timer to draw in a limited amount of time was very difficult but again very entertaining.

I started with the one-hour drawing so I would know what my other drawings should look like. During this time I sketched, inked, and colored the drawing layer by layer. Once I was done, I still had a few seconds left to add some highlights.

Overall, I really liked the final result.

Now it was time to move to the next level, I had no idea how I could redraw this in 10 minutes. I tried my best although all I could do was to sketch and add one single layer of my Ohuhu alcohol markers.

The last one was very intense, and I realized that I couldn’t do much in only one minute, no sketching, no inking, only a single layer of markers in some random places. The drawing was far to be done.

Working under pressure was very challenging, but that is what we are here for! 

4) Using a random object as a drawing reference

Take any object around you ( preferably not too big ), place it on a piece of paper and start drawing. Saying it like this seems a bit easy, but since it’s a challenge, it is not.

However, I think that it is the best way to practice realism and improve your art.

You will have to analyze your reference, see where the light comes from, where the shadow is, how everything changes depending on the angle you are looking from …..

Honestly, even if the drawing is very small, it took me a lot of time to finish, but even with that, we can’t really call this a realistic drawing, and it is totally okay, it’s a part of the learning journey and I’m sure that I and everyone can get better at this after more practice.

The most important is to never give up because hard work always pays off!

Of the 5 challenges, I personally think this one was the most challenging one but it was again really fun too. You should definitely try it, and again use your favorite medium to do so.

For my drawing, I decided to combine two different supplies which are the Ohuhu watercolor and Ohuhu alcohol markers. 

5) Draw This In Your Style Challenge

Last challenge but not the least, the “draw this in your style challenge”!

Generally hosted by artist, this challenge, as his name indicates,  consists to redraw one artist’s art piece in your own personal style.

This is a very good way to discover your own style and work on it, to interact with other artists and to of course to have fun.

Participating in this challenge is extremely simple.

Firstly, if your favorite artist is hosting a DTIYS challenge then you can always participate, you can then share your drawing on social media (be careful to always credit the original artist!) or simply keep it to yourself.

Secondly, you really want to take part in a DTIYS challenge but none of your favorite artists are currently hosting one.

No worries then, you can go through the #drawthisinyourstyle, #drawthisinyourstylechallenge, #ohuhudrawingprompt, and #dtiys to find thousands of challenges hosted by very talented artists. All you have to do is to find a drawing that inspires you and start making it in your style.

Your drawing can be done from a drawing, painting, photography, or even sculpture. All you need to do is to do it in your style!
For this challenge, I chose to redraw photography from @brejanz on Instagram. I here again used the Ohuhu watercolor markers to have a nice watercolor effect.

That’s it for today’s blog post, as always we hope you enjoyed it. 

And if you want to participate in one of these challenges feel free to tag @ohuhuart on social media. We would love to say what you will make. 

Take care, 


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