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18 Brown-Tone Outfit Ideas That Are On Trends For 2020 | Created by Ohuhu Skin Tone Marker Pens

I think winter is my favorite season when it comes to drawing and planning outfits. All the fun layers that you can mix and match and look fabulous. It’s also much more interesting to sketch different layers and textures in fashion illustration.

Winter 2019 Trends

I have many favorites when it comes to this season’s trends. If you are looking to refresh your wardrobe this winter, maybe try adding some of these items:

  • Combat Boots or Leather Jacket
  • A Cute Warm Cape
  • Plaid and Tartan
  • Long Coats
  • Bucket Hats
  • Leopard/Animal Print

I used the Ohuhu Skin Tone (brown) shades marker set as the main resource to sketch these outfits and added some details and shades with colored pencils.

Outfit 1

A fashionable daytime look that will keep you warm while shopping for presents or hanging out with friends.

Outfit 2

This one is cozy and festive, perfect for visiting a Christmas market or watching a tree lighting ceremony.

Outfit 3

Stay warm with a beanie or a winter hat in a trendy animal print. Pair it with a comfy, warm tunic and over the knee boots for running errands.

Outfit 4

If you like animal print, try adding a long cardigan in a leopard that will elevate a casual outfit anytime.

Outfit 5

Another daytime look that will keep you fashionable and warm at the same time.

Outfit 6

A more refined look for someone working in an office – plain sweater paired with plaid trousers or culottes and ankle boots.

Outfit 7

A laid back look for running around and wrapping things before holidays.

Outfit 8

A trendy workday look that will keep you warm in the office and looking fabulous.

Outfit 9

A fun occasion holiday looks for someone who loves vibrant colors.

Outfit 10

This is a cute but sharp look for an Ivy League fashionista during these cold months.

Outfit 11

A warm and cozy look for a day out with your boyfriend to enjoy some winter fun like ice skating.

Outfit 12

A playful daytime look for last-minute holiday shopping. 

Outfit 13

A jolly look for spending time with friends or family somewhere in a cabin for holidays.

Outfit 14

The red dress is always a good idea for holidays, and this one is also appropriate for a Christmas party at the office.

Outfit 15

A relaxed outfit with trendy wide-legged pants and a flowy, neutral top.

Outfit 16

Warm and comfy outfit for all the casual events during cold months.

Outfit 17

A date night outfit with a sweater in a trendy print, short skirt and over-the-knee boots. 

Outfit 18

For the last night of the year be brave and shine bright with a sparkly dress and fur cape.


Don’t forget to always have fun and stay true to yourself when choosing what to wear. 🙂

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  1. Love the outfits! I’ve been wanting to get the skin tone set. Hopefully I can get it with my points!

  2. i love this pack so much, good ideas!

  3. Very nice. I have the older skin tone pack and I love it.

  4. i actually need to buy this pack again because mine have all died from using them so much. once i get the money i certainly will

  5. You can really do a lot with just the skin tone pack.

  6. I need to try the new skin tone pack

  7. Gorgeous outfits! I¡¯m definitely going to try these color combinations and outfit designs.

  8. In love with the shading too.

  9. So excited to see an update skin set!

  10. Beautiful outfits ?? I am impressed and anxious to try out these skin tones ??

  11. Oops didnt get the skin tone this round, still excited though! Planning on saving some more money to get it.

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    Alondra Vazquez Mercado says:

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    Natalie D¨¹ker-Moorkens says:

    Amazing drawings and great fashionable clothes ?? love to wearing them ???

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    Alondra Vazquez Mercado says:

    They arrived !! Their wonder