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Drawing on the first page of a sketchbook is always a delicate situation. The first page is like an introduction to our sketchbook and we usually want it to be kind of “perfect”, or to match our personality as much as possible. Sometimes we hesitate to start a sketchbook as we are generally scared to fail, or just in lack of inspiration. So here’s a few drawing ideas to hopefully help you find some inspiration for your next drawing.

1) Motivational Quote

What’s better than finding a positive affirmation every time you open your sketchbook? Something that will always encourage you to reach your goals, to give the better version of yourself because you can do it! All you need to do is writing down your favorite quotes, then select the one you want and start sketching. If you’re confident enough with lettering, you can directly write with your markers using the colors you want. If you’re not, that is totally fine, start by sketching the words with a pencil then color them with your markers. You can go from something really minimalist to something full of colors, doodles… Here I decided to start with my Ohuhu alcohol markers and double tips fineliners.

2) Something That Makes You Happy

Like the motivational quote, drawing on a sketchbook is all about bringing a bit of joy into your day. You can draw something from your favorite movies, books, TV shows, favorite food, places, using your favorite colors. The most important thing is for you to have fun!

3) Meet The Artist

Like its name indicates, “meet the artist” is a brief description of yourself as an artist. You can write, draw or doodle about things you like/dislike, your favorite outfit, your pets (if you have any…) and all of these in your own art style. This is also something you can share on your social medias (#meettheartist) to let people know a bit more about you.

4) Art Supplies

Another fun thing to do would be to draw the art supplies you use/like the most. Here on the Ohuhu marker pad I mostly use my Ohuhu alcohol markers and double tips fineliners. However, I decided to add other supplies like colored pencils, watercolor, paint tubes and other essentials (eraser, pencil…). The entire drawing was colored with the Ohuhu alcohol markers.

5) Collage

Sometimes we want the first page of our sketchbook to be different from the others, to be more special. In this case, a collage is definitely something to try. You could use printed images, colored paper sheets, pictures with your friends or you could just cut some pieces from different magazines and newspapers. Once you have your pictures ready, it’s time to put everything together and  stick it on the page of your paper pad. The final part is my favourite because I can add some colors, doodles and custom my collage as much as I want.

6) Patterns

Repetitive patterns take time to make but the final result is worth the trouble. All you need to do is choosing the patterns you want. It can be fruits, flowers, animals, shapes and more. Then, choose your color palette. Once you finish, you will end up with a super cute drawing which is full of colors. Do you want to stick to something realistic or something more unusual? For finer lines and details I would totally recommend you to use the fineliner tip of the Ohuhu double tips fineliner pens. And since it’s still summer, why not use some vibrant colors!

7) Polaroids

If you’re in lack of inspiration, polaroids are always the answer. You can draw something different in each picture, using different colors, supplies, drawing methods… You can draw each polaroid in a different size or just make 2-3 big ones. Polaroids are also of great fun to combine with other drawings. You just need to follow your imagination.

8) Dream Destination

This year is more unusual than the others and many of us won’t have the chance to travel. But since we all have a country/city we would love to visit or visit again, I thought it would be nice to travel through our art.

Take a seat, grab a pencil and start sketching where you want to go. You can draw anything from landscapes to objects and food that the country is known for.

9) Calligraphy

Like someone said once, there is beauty in simplicity. Sometimes we’re just in the mood to do something quite simple, but no less beautiful. What about writing your name, the year and whatever you want in a pretty handwriting with a small touch of color. You’re free to add some doodles, banners and everything you want.

10) Leave a Blank Page

Last but not the least, leaving a blank page. A bit like in a book, but this time in a sketchbook. You can leave this page white forever, add a few words or just wait until you find an idea you really love. I personally love the idea of having to turn a page before discovering all the other drawings.

Finally, always remember that your sketchbook is yours and there are no specific ways to follow to make something amazing. Your only limit is your imagination.

As always, we hope that this blog post was helpful to you and if you happen to get inspired by one of these ideas, make sure to tag us on Instagram (@ohuhuart). We would love to see what you’ve created!

Have a wonderful day.

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